Sunday, 18 April 2010

Deutsche Bahn to bid for Arriva

Readers will recall that I am a big fan of Wrexham, Shropshire and Marylebone Railway (WSMR) which has direct trains from Wrecsam to London Marylebone. WSMR's parent company is the state owned German transport group Deutsche Bahn. Having been spoilt by travelling on the WSMR I was then less than impressed in having to revert to the overcrowded Arriva Trains Wales to travel to Cardiff or anywhere else in Wales if it comes to that.

I was therefore very pleased to read in today's Sunday Times that Deutsche Bahn have made or will be making a £1.6 billion bid for the Arriva Group. Let's hope that it's succesful and that we can get the same level of service from Arriva following the takeover as we get from WSMR. Perhaps it will then be time for the Welsh Assembly Government to re negotiate the franchise with Deutsche Bahn so we can then have a world class rail system in Wales.


Anonymous said...

Arriva do a good job with poor equipment provide by you the politician

Anonymous said...

Which is why we need to renegotiate the 15 year franchise first agreed by the Westminster government and not the Assembly.

Anonymous said...

It was signed in London but only after the Assembly were consulted.

It was the case of the best offer on the table at that time.

Anonymous said...

Arriva tried every dirty trick in the book to run a service from Aberystwyth to London via Shrewsbury just to put WSMR out of business. To put 2 coaches on from Holyhead to Cardiff on a rugby weekend is a sign of serious incompetence and ATW should have their arses kicked. It also begs the question what an organisation like TAITH are doing to improve the situation?