Saturday, 24 April 2010

Every picture tells a story!

When I saw this photograph of the Welsh Liberal Democrats leader talking to a "Police Officer" and being an ex Police Officer, my "suspicions were aroused" as to the photographs authenticity; because the "officer" had no identifying numbers on his epaulettes.

I did however give the Welsh Liberal Democrats the benefit of the doubt until I saw this story on the BBC Wales website:
The Liberal Democrats have been attacked for using a party employee to pose as a nurse on an election leaflet.

The leaflet, promoting Cardiff North candidate John Dixon, shows him talking to a woman in nurse's uniform.

But the identity of the 'nurse' has been revealed as a researcher for the Liberal Democrat AM Mick Bates.

Public Authorities in Wales are very reluctant to get involved in any way whatsover with prospective political candidates during an election campaign and rightly so due to their need to be impartial. Parties should therefore not seek to mislead the electorate by using these kind of tactics. I very much hope that the Police Officer in the photograph is genuine as there is an offence of, 'Aiding, abetting, counselling and procuring the offence of impersonating a Police Officer.'

A Welsh Labour Party spokesman sums up the situation succinctly, saying:
"Its one thing pretending your leader could be Prime Minister, quite another having your staff pretend to work for the NHS.

"Every picture tells a story, and this picture says you can't trust a Lib Dem."

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