Friday, 30 April 2010


BNP fuhrer Nick Griffin took calls on a Radio 4 phone-in today. Here's one priceless exchange:

Caller: "Would you say I was British Mr Griffin, if I have three grandparents born abroad?"

Griffin: "Well, I can't see you down the radio"

Interviewer: "So would it make a difference what his skin colour was?"

Griffin: "Well no, of course not."

He did his usual claim that the "indigenous" people can claim their ancestry back to 1208, a curiously precise date. Then Martha Kearney asked a killer:

Interviewer: "The Royal family came from Germany. Are they indigenous?"

Griffin: "Um, well, they are a mixed-up family, but they're fully integrated."

I'd say he floundered, but that would be an insult to bottom-feeding flatfish.

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Anonymous said...

class...he is a dick brain!