Tuesday, 13 April 2010

How will the Lib Dems and Tories spin this story

One of the regular spin stories you get out of Lib Dem and Tory politicians in the North East of Wales is how badly the area is funded from the Welsh Assembly Government in 'distant' Cardiff. The evidence is somewhat different as this good news story from the BBC shows:
Plans for a multi million pound link road to Wrexham's Industrial estate, which employs 8,000 people, have been given the go-ahead.

The assembly government decision follows a public inquiry after objections from landowners who may now face compulsory purchase orders.

The new £25m road will replace the single lane country road which currently leads to the estate.

The site is home to firms like Kelloggs, JCB and Tetrapak.

Work on the link road was due to start in September but was delayed in February, due to a change in the tendering process.

The Welsh Assembly Government advised Wrexham council to revise the bidding process and minimise the risk of "price escalation".

Councillors approved the change, and work will not start until Spring 2011.

There have been hopes for an improved road scheme for several years, with many businesses frustrated at delays.

A first phase A534 dual carriageway was built but the second phase involves two feeder roads to the north and south.

I wonder how the Lib Dems and Tories will spin this story so as to maintain the perception they wish to perpetuate, of Wrecsam's 'victim status.'

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