Monday, 12 April 2010

Is there a doctor in the House?

You would normally pay attention if you got a leaflet from a doctor talking about an NHS inquiry.

Except when the leaflet is a bit of Lib Dem trickery masquerading as a survey "to get the best for our local NHS".

You see, Dr Tom Rippeth is not a GP or any kind of medical doctor.

He's a Bangor-based oceanographer with a PhD in "Controls on stratification in a fjordic system". When he's not pining for the fjords, Dr Tom is Lib Dem candidate for Wrexham and is expecting voters to answer a mind-boggling 47 multiple choice questions on health and a few other matters (like how you'll vote!). Anyone who answers all that will probably need a doctor to deal with the writer's cramp.

The only problem is that the good doctor is standing for Parliament and, as any fool knows, the NHS is one of those devolved areas where the Assembly Government makes the decisions. So no matter how many people allow themselves to be examined by Dr Tom, he can't do a thing for them in House of Commons.

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David said...

Your ignorance and scoffing at science is worrying. I will not be voting for Plaid Cymru.