Thursday, 22 April 2010

Lempit Opik taking time out!

According to Iain Dale, Lempit Opik is doing a mock leaders debate where Lempit will be Gordon Brown; Iain will be Nick Clegg and Lance Prince will be David Cameron. This is on Radio 5 Live now.

As Iain quite rightly says of Lempit:
Quite why Lembit has agreed to tak part in this is anyone's guess. I'd have thought that seeing as he's fighting a marginal seat, he ought to be devoting himself to his constituency. But then again, he hasn't been doing that for years now, has he?

This is yet another example of Lempit taking the people of Montgomeryshire for granted. He obviously didn't pick up a sense of dissatisfaction with him from the audience at the GE2010 debate from Welshpool.

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