Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Looise Hughes...again!!

It is common knowledge that some members of Llais Gwynedd have had a colourful past and have been of interest to the British establishment's Security Services for many years (Tryweryn to be precise)

I wonder how many Llais Gwynedd's members knew of their fellow councillor Louise (Looise) Hughes's past as described in her election leaflet:

Someone who has worked for Army Intelligence AND the Police is not a natural recruit for Llais Gwynedd, especially as she doesn't speak Welsh either.


nyw bom said...

Llais Gwynedd have got more loose cannon than Capt Jack Sparrow and the Pirates of the Caribbean!
Can the sensible ones just get on with being good local councillors and leave the nuttier elements like Looise and Aeron to their own devices?

Anonymous said...

Apparently Loo is a good ward councillor, she tries hard but doesn't get very far!

Anonymous said...

I wonder where Louise worked in Outdoor pursuits? Was it the Army's Joint Services Mountain Training Centre which used to be at Morfa Camp, Tywyn?

Mick James said...

Look closer at the Plaid candidates Pc Jack in Anglesey and and PC Jill in Aberconwy, with fat boy slim in meirionnydd. Nice.