Monday, 5 April 2010

May the sixth be with you

So Brown is heading for Buck House tomorrow morning to officially ask permission of Mrs Windsor to dissolve parliament and have an election on May 6.
Once that archaic little ritual is out of the way, expect wall-to-wall coverage of the "main parties" (LibLabCon) and the increasingly presidential nature of the race, regardless that there are actually 650 individual elections taking place across the UK.
Non-domiciled millionaires will shell out small (and untaxed) fortunes to allow the LibLabCons to stuff their glossy leaflets through your doors, while Plaid relies on the hard work of its grassroots members to get its message across.
Good luck to Arfon here in Wrecsam - where Plaid has already put in more work than its ever done for an election - and all Plaid candidates across Wales.


Clem said...

We need a constitution so a democratically elected prime minister does need to ask permission from an unelected head of state. Does Brian Cowan go to Mary McAleese to dissolve the Dail? I think not.

Clem said...

above should read, 'does NOT need to ask permission'