Thursday, 29 April 2010

No other result is possible

The future is blue or red, according to Labour's Clwyd South hopeful Susan Jones.
In a letter sent out to people in Rhos, she says:
"This election in Clwyd South is a straight choice - between Labour and the Tories. No other outcome is possible"

In Rhos, Tories are an exotic breed. People point at them in the street, like twitchers spotting a rare bird blown off course. Boris Johnson was one such visitor and now there's John Bell, who can't even get Tory councillors out to help his feeble campaign.
People in Rhos won't vote Tory, as Susan well knows. So which party is she worried her home village is turning to?


Anonymous said...

The only help Cllr Lloyd Kenyon has given Bell is to sign his nomination forms. Cllr Mike Morris and Rodney Skelland are as invisible as what Cllr Hugh Jones is in Wrexham. The only one working hard is the ambitious Paul Rogers, ready for the South Clwyd Conservative nomination for the Assemble elections.

Plaid Whitegate said...

That may explain why there was only one lonely and miserable Tory leafletting in Cefn Mawr this Tuesday. Maybe he'd read the godawful stuff he was posting through people's doors...

Anonymous said...

I cant see Plaid cracking it either.These are the results back in 2005
Martyn Dickeybow Jones 14,808
Tom Biggins(con).......8,460
Derick Burnham(LD).....5,105
Mark Strong(PC)........3,111

I've always voted plaid,but not this time.Ryder is too much the career politician and Plaid should have given the job to somebody who wasn't an AM.I also opposed her stand on the badger cull which sadly saw her bowing to the farming lobby,because when I confronted her with the scientific evidence against badgers NOT being the cause of bovine TB quite frankly she was out of her depth.
I can see Labour winning again,with a slight increase for the Lib/Dems,but in wrexham I think Ian lucas will be lucky to scrape home,otherwise dont believe the opinion polls Cameron and his gang of ex public school prefects are going to landslide it...bad news for everone.Oh by the way I am not using my vote this time because it's a waste of time.
Caradog Ellis
Coronation Street
Cefn Mawr

jim said...

I live in Coronation St and there's no Caradog Ellis living here. Sounds more to me like a certain animal rights fanatic who lives in Rhosymedre and hates Plaid.

Anonymous said...

Is it that pillock who goes by the name Tommy on the Leader website?