Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Paxo stuffing - a Newsnight first

Jeremy "Paxo" Paxman is usually the one who puts politicians on the spot, so it's nice to see Eurfyl ap Gwilym giving Paxo a good old stuffing on Newsnight last night. I particularly liked the bit when Paxo mutters "oh God" under his breath as he fails to find the right statistic.


Plaid Queensway said...

This is just pure class, the best piece of footage over the election period so far by a mile. Don't mess with Plaid!

Anonymous said...

It would have been OK if Plaid was talking sense,it's pointless talking about the private sector delivering when we know they can't,that goes for the whole world not just wales.Governments have to take back control of the maens of production,not try and grovel up ti big business in the hope that they might honour us by chucking some chickenshit jobs our way.What britain(and in particular Wales) should do now is stick two fingers up to the WB and the rest of the financial terrorists out there and nationalise everything.take REAL control of the country they are supposed to be running.