Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Personality Politics with no substance!

Despite the Lib Dems jump in the polls some of us are more cynical as to Clegg's capabilities and that the leader's debate was more about personalities than about the substance of his policies. My cynicism about Nick Clegg was well founded when I read about a senior aide believed to be John Sharkey the Lib Dems campaign 'guru' who had left hand written notes about the Lib Dems strategy for the Leaders debate in the back of a London cab. The cabbie handed the dossier over to the Sun who published them here. They make revealing and interesting reading. The following paragraph in the article should worry everyone who has been taken in by Clegg following the first Leaders debate:
Aides preparing him for the three TV debates - the second is tomorrow night - reveal themselves to be in a panic about his answers to even the most basic questions.

It seems that his staffers seem to agree with his opponents that he is more spin than substance.

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