Thursday, 29 April 2010

Stock transfer's hidden dangers

Gwynedd tenants' recent decision to vote for stock transfer has revealed the hidden dangers of such a move. In a great article in Golwg magazine, not yet online, it's revealed that more than 100 pieces of council-owned land are also being transferred free to the new private housing association along with the council's entire housing stock. It includes playing fields and car parking.
The new company will, of course, be free to build, develop or sell that land. It's unthinkable that any other organisation would simply hand over such valuable assets.
What's more disturbing is that councillors and tenants were not aware that this was part of the deal. But it's too late now - tenants cannot be re-balloted to transfer back to the council.

The same situation would have occurred in Wrecsam had we transferred the council housing stock to a similar organisation. Thankfully we did not and the council is now using those parcels of land to build 400 affordable homes in a joint venture with the Welsh Government.

PS One of the first moves by the new association was to spend tenants' rents to appoint two people on £300 a day to oversee job interviews. Despite Gwynedd being the most Welsh-speaking area of Wales, neither speaks Welsh and therefore could not assess competency in the language for staff who will be dealing with the public.


PC PLOD said...

If Plaid stopped wasting money in the park then maybe they could invest HRA money in meeting the welsh housing quality standard?

Maybe Plaid should stop calling by-elections which cost the community council money that could be going to reduce poverty, provide services in the community or even pay for the help the heroes event.

The recent community council election result Plaid suggests they will probably not be making gains in the park at the next council elections.

Taxi for two?

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Plaid didn't call the Wynnstay byelection!

The only people who are wasting money are Labour who are llowing THEIR government to syphon off £11.2 million of OUR money to the Treasury. We would get to the WHQS a damn sight quicker if we had MP's who fought the corner of the people of Wrecsam.

king stupid said...

"PC PLOD" also doesn't understand that HRA money is ring-fenced. No outside body such as the community council can spend money on improving housing, even if it had the resources to do so.
Plod by name, plod by nature.

Plaid Queensway said...

Hmmm, how are Plaid "wasting money in the Park" exactly? As has been said we didn't call the Wynnstay by election, get your facts straight. As for the Help the heroes event, the council have agreed to reduce the cost of the hall hire by 60 pounds, not as much as I'd hoped but it's a start.

Taxi for two? Keep dreaming.