Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Tories Slammed.

The heads of an alliance of four Welsh national housing organisation have slammed the Tories's blocking of the Housing LCO at Westminster, in a letter published in today's Daily Post.
Keith Edwards, Chartered Institute of Housing Cymru, John Puzey of Shelter Cymru, Joy Kent of Cymorth Cymru and Nick Bennett of Community Housing Cymru have put their name to a letter which states:
"It is our unambigious view that the measures in the Housing legislative competence order currently with the UK government are urgently needed if we are to address the most serious housing problems we have faced in a generation."

The Tories or more specifically David Jones MP is opposing the LCO because it contains a clause that suspends the 'right to buy,' but we know the Tories from the days of Thatcher think the 'right to buy'is a sacred cow even though it's done nothing but exacberate housing shortages by reducing the council house stock in Wrecsam alone, from 18,000 to 11,000 houses.
The Alliance go on to say,
"The order would hugely increase our capability to provide housing for homeless people and those with support need and would help us to ensure that we have a housing system that is fit for purpose now and in the future."

So there we have it, David Jones and the Tory party are more interested in maintaining a discredited Tory ideology than they are in providing a housing service fit for purpose for the people of Wales.

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