Sunday, 9 May 2010

Canlyniad Etholiad Wrecsam.

Er fy mod wedi cynyddu pleidlais Plaid Cymru o ryw 1700 i 2000 (6.15%), rhaid deud mae digon siomedig yr oeddem ni gyda'r canlyniad ond o weld be sydd wedi digwydd trwy Cymru gyfan y dylsem fod yn hapus ein bod wedi cymyddu o gwbwl. Cwympodd mwyafrif Lucas o 6,000 i tua 3,500, a chododd pleidlais Tom Rippeth a Gareth Hughes a mi gafodd y Blaid ei gwasgu fel canlyniad. Y sioc fwyaf dwi'n meddwl oedd y bleidlais Geidwadol yn Wrecsam a hwythau heb neud fawr o ymdrech; mae hyn yn dangos natur grai y bleidlais Geidwadol yn Wrecsam. Braf oedd dweud mae gwael iawn nath UKIP (750) ar BNP (1100)a mi bwdodd John Humberstone yr ymgeisydd UKIP gan fod y BNP wedi ei guro a ni arhosodd i'r canlyniad! Does dim gwell na gweld pleidiau yr adain dde yn pwdu nagoes? Mae gen i ofn fod y Rhyddfrydwyr Democrataidd wedi methu ei siawns orau i gipio'r sedd tro yma a dwi ddim yn eu gweld yn gallu rhoi yr adnoddau i mewn i'r frwydr nesa eto fel y gwnaethom y tro yma.


Anonymous said...

Marc Jones foolishly predicted last week: "Plaid is on course for its best result in Wrecsam for a generation"

Yet, the reality meant that you barely hung on to your deposit there.

Plaid's vote increased not a jot and in neighbouring Clwyd South, Janet Ryder's totally lacklustre campaign, meant Plaid's share of the vote actually deacreased since 2005.

Indeed, Plaid lost deposits in no fewer than eleven seats across Wales.

Yes - the so-called 'Party of Wales' lost deposits in a quarter of all seats in the country. Not good is it?

Worse still, in both seats in Wales' third largest city (Newport), Plaid were beaten the by BNP.

So, come on guys - what went so radically wrong for you?

And don't hide behind that old TV debate excuse, it doesn't work. There was no such debates when you crashed in the European elections last June.

Let's have an honest, adult, bile-free, non-abusive political discussion about your electoral decline over the last two years?

If you do not know where you are going wrong, how can you begin to understand how to correct it?

Plaid Whitegate said...

The result in Wrecsam was disappointing, no doubt about it. Especially as the reception on the doorstep was very encouraging. On that basis I made my guesstimate.
With hindsight, I'd say people who said they would vote Plaid either reverted to Labour at the last minute to keep out the Tories or opted for the Lib Dems as a better bet to win locally. Both Labour and Lib Dems flogged the "two-horse race" graphic to within an inch of its life, so it's not surprising that people saw things that way.
The surprise, as Arfon said, is that the Tories almost beat the Lib Dems in Wrecsam despite a lacklustre campaign.
I don't understand the comparison with the Euro-elections, when Plaid got 14% of the Wrecsam vote and came within a couple of percentage points of being the largest party in Wales. If that's a "crash", can we have a repeat please?
The TV debates were a game changer - everyone will acknowledge that. That's why we've got a hung parliament now. They did Plaid no favours and how we counter the London-centric media here in Wales is going to be a huge challenge.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

We get squeezed by the Lib Dems together with Labour's scare stories about tax credits, they forgot to tell their core voters how the people of Wales have got poorer over the last 13 years not to mention Barnett formula funding has gone down from 125 to 112% of average UK funding (London is 115%). Never mind that was last week, now we have a local authority to run!