Thursday, 27 May 2010

Cardiff shake-up to expand Welsh education rejected

It's all very well for Leighton Andrews to launch the Welsh Medium Education Strategy in a blaze of publicity but what of Carwyn Jones's decision to reject Cardiff City Council's plans for a new Welsh School in the west of the much for meeting parental demand for Welsh education. The First Minister has succumbed to the 'segregationist' arguments of local politicians. This decision must surely raise questions as to Welsh Labour's committment to Welsh Medium Education throughout Wales.


Anonymous said...

It is a scandalous decision. It's fine for Welsh pupils to be taught in inadequate, crumbling buildings and overcrowded classromms but not English medium kids. Shame on Carwyn Jones, Rhodri Morgan and Labour for this, shame on them.

Anonymous said...

Will the real Labour Party stand up please?

Pro Welsh medium education or against? Which one is it?

Leighton Andrews produces radical pro-WM education, First Minister contradicts it. Shambles.

Anonymous said...

This is the beginning of the end for the One Wales Government. How can Plaid Cymru work with Welsh Labour after this betrayal?

Anonymous said...

Was this politically motivated to start the break up of the coalition?

I would not put it past Andrews to pull such a stunt.

This is a truly appalling decision that has not only contradicted Labour's so-called support for Welsh medium education but has also contradicted their stance on reducing capacity.

The language will die with Labour in charge.

Anonymous said...

It is now time for Plaid to get out out of bed with Labour! If they do not, I certainly shall not be voting Plaid at the next Assembly elections.

Dylan W said...

Anon - Why blame Plaid? The AM for the area is Rhodri Morgan, the First Minister is Carwyn Jones and the Education Minister is Leighton Andrews, who made this appalling decision are all Labour.

D.R. Bellis said...

OK...OK...OK... let's stop this nonsense, right here, right now.

I have no idea what the time difference is between Wrexham and the rest of the Western world but I think it's time you lot up there
reset your clocks and caught up with the rest of us.

Since July 2007, Labour and Plaid Cymru have been in coalition government in Cardiff Bay.

Government decisions (good, bad and indifferent) are made collectively by both parties - that's how it works.

Now I will type this slowly, so everyone can understand precisely how this works:

Good decisions - like on free car-parking at our hospitals, were made by the WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT - yes, that's right - made by Labour and Plaid Cymru.

Bad decisions - like the forthcoming mass slaughter of badgers in Pembrokshire, was made by the WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT - yes, that's right - made by Labour and Plaid Cymru.

Likewise, the recent decision on the Cardiff schools was made by the WELSH ASSEMBLY GOVERNMENT - yes, that's right - made by Labour and Plaid Cymru.

Neither Plaid nor Labour can pick or choose which is not 'their' decision.

Now, which part of this relatively simple concept doesn't anyone understand?

Next please?

Celyn said...

@ D R Bellis:
The original posting here highlighted the discrepancy between the official WAG policy on Welsh-medium policy, which fits in with the One Wales agreement and therefore is Plaid/Labour policy and Carwyn Jones's party political decision in Cardiff.
Vaughan Roderick has a significant update on this story...
I think it shows that Labour cannot ignore One Wales when it suits them (as we have sought to highlight with past posts about Labour in Wrecsam).

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is DR Bellis to tell anyone to stop what nonsense? Is he not aware of freedom of speech and of opinion but perhaps not if he's a Welsh Labourite.