Saturday, 1 May 2010

'Come clean on Trident' challenge to Liberal Democrats


The people of Wales need to know where the Liberal Democrats stand on the independent nuclear deterrent, according to a Plaid Cymru candidate.

The Liberal Democrats were challenged to explain their position by Plaid Cymru's Wrecsam candidate Arfon Jones. At present the Liberal Democrats oppose a "like-for-like" replacement of the upgrade of the Trident missile system because of the 100 billion expense but remain committed to a nuclear deterrent.

Arfon Jones is challenging the Liberal Democrats ex-leader Lord Ashdown, who is also a defence expert and is due to visit Wrexham on Monday, to come clean on their policy on replacing Trident.

Arfon Jones said:
"Nick Clegg said he opposed Trident but favoured a less expensive option but failed to explain further his partys policies on the independent nuclear deterrent. He just talks about alternatives but what are these alternatives?

Nick Cleggs waffle around the question points to the fact that Liberal Democrats policy is only skin deep and does not bear scrutiny."

He added:
Liberal Democrat policy has not been scrutinised at all during this election campaign, its been all spin and no substance. They portray themselves as some ethical party full of moral values when in fact they are no different from the Tories or Labour when it comes to peace and justice.

"Plaid is clear - we will not replace Trident nuclear missiles and that will save 100bn. It is neither affordable financially or morally.

NB - New blog Policy Diffusion, not too fussed about the Lib Dems either, but not for the same reasons as us, we quite like the idea of a balanced parliament. Don't suppose Policy Diffusion has anything to do with Rupert Murdoch do they?


Greg Foster said...

I didn't think we were unclear on it, the Lib Dems want the decision on what to do with Trident to be taken by a Strategic Defence Review. That's why we haven't said what we'd like to replace it with, or indeed if we'd replace it.

Personally, I'm in favour of not replacing, but it shouldn't be my call, it should be the MoD making that decision.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

Top military officers have already come out against it as its not fit for purpose and too expensive.

Anonymous said...

What Nick Clegg said about Trident was 'clear as mud'

Plaid Whitegate said...

Tom Rippeth in town yesterday wasn't waiting for a Strategic Defence Review - he wanted land-based Cruise missiles.

Scratch the surface and the Lib Dems are all at sea.