Monday, 31 May 2010

Israel - a rogue state

Just a week after The Observer revealed that Israel attempted to sell nuclear weapons to apartheid South Africa, Israel has demonstrated it is no better than a rogue state. Its military machine have acted as pirates in boarding a peaceful humanitarian aid ship in international waters, using live ammunition and killing at least 16 peaceful campaigners. The ship was part of a flotilla taking aid to Gaza, where Israel operates an effective blockade of the Palestinian people.

This report from one of the ships as the raid was taking place is naturally confused but reveals that Israel is resorting to state terrorism to silence its critics. Many of the people on board were Turkish but also on board were German MPs and other prominent peace campaigners.

The BBC has featured an Israeli government spokesman, Mark Regev, who tried to claim that the ships "could" have been carrying missiles and also that the Israeli soldiers came under fire. It's not the first time Regev has put up this kind of defence - last time it was to justify the bombing of innocent civilians in Gaza - yet the BBC continues to unquestioningly accept the Israeli line.

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