Thursday, 6 May 2010

Wrecsam: Who will be smiling tomorrow?

The last lap of the election race has almost been run and Wrecsam's electorate could turn up a surprise.

That makes it difficult to make any certain predictions for a seat that have been solidly Labour since 1997. Ian Lucas were sitting on a substantial majority and had 45% of the vote in 2005. There's no doubt that % will be severely reduced by the morning.
The Liberal Democrats have been spending money like a drunken Lottery winner to try to win a seat in North Wales. They may well succeed.
The Tories, with a weak candidate and a non-existent campaign, have stalled and concentrated their efforts in Clwyd South.
Plaid is on course for its best result in Wrecsam for a generation and Arfon Jones has worked tirelessly to take the message out to a new audience - how many voters in Golly and Lavister have been canvassed before?! Arfon's team of volunteers have been fantastic in getting newsletters, postcards and last-minute leaflets out across the constituency.
It will be interesting to see whether the blanket media coverage for the big London parties outweighs our grassroots efforts.

Who will be smiling in the morning? We will... as we see the dawn in with Betsan and Vaughan and a bottle of bubbly!

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C. Murphy said...

Conceding defeat, a whole two hours before the polls close? Some honesty and reality on this blog, at last!

You have already conceded defeat in Ceredigion and now you have given up on Wrexham too? Fascinating.

Let me press you a little further then?

When you say, "Plaid is on course for its best result in Wrecsam for a generation...."

Does this mean that Plaid is on course for its best result in Wrexham, since the last time it came fourth in 2005?

If not, do share with us where you think Plaid will come in this election? Third? Second?