Saturday, 26 June 2010

Effective Scrutiny.

It is difficult to disagree with Peter Black for the need for effective scrutiny of public bodies that receive public monies and that it as true of S4C as any other body. It may well also be that S4C would be better scrutinised if it was devolved to the Welsh Government rather than remain under the auspices of the Department of Culture and Sport, however that assertion seems to be in some doubt given the National Assembly's poor record in scrutinising current public spending.

It seems that Peter Black needs to get his scrutinising priorities right, should S4C really be his priority with only a £100 million budget or should he concentrate on scrutinising the spending of the seven new Health Boards in remember the ones where 22 LHB's were amalgamated into 7 without the loss of a single job!! As Health spokesman for the Liberal Democrats perhaps he can tell us what scrutinising he has done as regards the hundreds of managers who remain in highly paid non existent jobs within these 7 Health Boards. I'm sure he'd find more savings from the Betsi Cadwalader's £1 BILLION budget than from S4C's £100 million budget.

Get your priorities right Peter and start saving some real money for the people of Wales!

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