Thursday, 10 June 2010

Kingsmills Road car sellers

Here's a story that appears in today's Leader:

Inconsiderate car sellers are making life hell for residents of a busy Wrexham road.

Residents on Kingsmills Road in Hightown say up to a dozen cars can be parked nose to tail outside their homes by people trying to sell them who are not from the area. In some cases they have blocked access to drives and also prevented ambulances from reaching elderly residents.

The county councillor for Whitegate ward Marc Jones visited a number of residents last night along with the local PCSO Michelle Knox and council officers to see what could be done. Cllr Jones said: "Residents I spoke to are at their wits' end over this issue. One mother said she had asked one man to move his car from outside her drive and been verbally abused while many elderly residents are concerned about access to taxis and ambulances. It's ridiculous that people from as far afield as Penycae and Plas Madoc are driving cars down here to sell them.

"I've asked the police to monitor the situation but there's little they can do legally as it's a public highway. So we must find some other way to safeguard the interests of local residents. I will be discussing the situation with all residents and, if they are agreed, will take forward the idea of a residents' parking scheme outside their homes."

One resident, who did not wish to be named, said: "I'm tearing my hair out after getting home from work and finding there's nowhere to park. It's even worse for elderly neighbours who have to walk some distance to taxis or ambulances."

Cllr Jones added: "Some of these cars are being left there for days on end and some residents who complain have been subjected to abuse. It's not on when all they want is a quiet life and they have my full sympathy."

He urged the unofficial car sellers to move on and leave local residents in peace.

UPDATE: Since that went out, I've discovered (with the help of a council officer) the relatively new offence of 'Exposing vehicles for sale on a road' was defined in the Clean Neighbourhoods & Environment Act 2005 Part 2, Section 3. The Act itself covers diverse issues including crime & disorder/anti-social behaviour, litter, graffiti & waste. The new offence 'makes it an offence for a person to park motor vehicles on a road or roads, where the vehicles are parked merely in order to be sold' .

Now I need to find out whether it's the police or council that will enforce this

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