Thursday, 10 June 2010

Letter to the Leader: Mars Bar wars

Readers of the Leader will have seen the criticism by former county councillor John Humberstone of Plaid Cymru for daring to comment on Mars Bars having England flags on them for the World Cup and being on sale in Wrecsam. Not the most pressing of issues and I struggled to come up with a serious answer when phoned at 8.30am for a comment by the Leader reporter.
Here's my response to Humberstone, who asked me for a membership form for Plaid after we had four county councillors elected in May 2008. I'm glad to say we decided against that and he's found his proper political home in UKIP.

Dear Editor

John Humberstone (Letters, 8 June) is doing his usual trick of missing the point when he complains about the Leader article about Mars Bars. Rather than Plaid Cymru initiating this story, the Leader rang me and others for a comment.
I'd far rather the Leader was reflecting Plaid Cymru's views on the £11.2 million housing subsidy that Wrecsam pays to London councils every year. Despite our best efforts, that story has failed to make the pages of this newspaper, despite it being of vital importance to anyone concerned with the quality of housing in our borough.
I'd far rather the Leader highlighted the crazy situation where 36 NHS managers in North Wales are being paid to do nothing after the recent health board re-organisation at a cost of £2m a year and Plaid's criticism of that. But, again, silence reigns.
Plaid has also been campaigning to meet parents' demand for Welsh-medium school and that is slowly coming to fruition in the Gwersyllt area. Again, it's not an issue that has graced the pages of this newspaper.
I'd far rather be talking about these issues rather than a chocolate wrapper but I don't edit the Leader.
As a passionate Welsh football supporter, I wish England well in the World Cup but I won't be supporting them.

Marc Jones

Regular readers of this blog will know that we've flagged up the issues mentioned above without succeeding in getting the local papers to pick up on them. I'll leave it to you to decide about news values and editorial judgement.

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Penbedw said...

John Humberstone - a man who always has something to say, even when he has nothing to say. Looking at today's 'Leader letters'(15 June), he seems to be more than a little agitated. Do calm down John boy.