Thursday, 3 June 2010

Small crumbs of comfort.

Guest Blog by Plaid Hightown

Rest assured I am still somewhat disgruntled by the appointment of Cheryl Gillan that I have resorted to accepting that the appointment of David TC Davies even would have been an improvement! Perhaps that David Davies’ time commitment in undertaking his duties as a Special Constable with the Transport Police prevented him from being considered for the role of Secretary of State for Wales! Despite not being a big fan of the Monmouth MP I must accept that having been elected as a Welsh based MP he had a greater claim for that role than Cheryl Gillan. There were indeed 40 others who had a greater claim to the role and 11 of them from the coalition benches, with 4 of those having also served in the National Assembly. Surely in the current political climate of devolution it was a perfect opportunity to ensure that the Secretary of State of Wales also had the benefit of a good understanding of how the Senedd/Commons relationship works. Having said that, a more democratic process of the imminent election of a chair for the Welsh Select Committee through a secret ballot is refreshing, although how democratic a process this is when it eliminates members of other parties is questionable? It has been agreed that the chair should be a Tory. Is this a ploy to stall and dictate the timing a referendum…...?

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