Thursday, 3 June 2010

Spot the difference and support your team

Congratulations to the bar staff in one Wrecsam pub who were up in arms when these fliers arrived:

The bar staff insisted that the pub chain's owners recognise that their customers were not automatically going to support England at the coming World Cup fest (remember the huge support for Trinidad and Tobago due to Dennis Lawrence in 2006?) and were duly sent this version:

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Royston Jones said...

Having ranted (and indeed raved) during earlier competions where we were asked to support Englandland I am pleasantly surprised at the restraint being shown by many major retailers this time round.

Instead of insisting we 'support the lads' and festooning their outlets with England flags, in 2010 the message seems to be about enjoying the event. Have they finally got the message?

I shall be supporting Argentina, again; but realistic enough to know that while they have the players to win the tournament they also have a manager who might be departing early for any number of reasons.