Sunday, 6 June 2010

Tory environment minister's links to pro-GM firm

Guido Fawkes might be a dodgy right-winger but he's bang on the money with his latest expose:

It seems Defra Secretary of State Caroline Spelman has given official backing for the wider growing and selling of genetically modified crops The Guardian.

As Guido points out:

It is currently illegal to grow GM crops in the UK but not for long it seems. What a strange coincidence though, remember this:

Spelman spent her days before becoming an MP in the agri-business. Seemingly well connected in the field, Caroline and her husband Mark went on to set up “Spelman, Cormack & Associates” in 1989 as a food and bio-technology lobbying company.

A lobbying firm that would directly benefit from a relaxation of the GM crops red tape. A lobbying firm that until a year ago, Mrs Spelman owned half of and was being run out of her constituency home. GM crops are a controversial enough subject without messy financial interests clouding the arguments. This isn’t the first conflict of interest that has arisen for Spelman and until she makes moves to recuse herself from certain aspects of her job, it won’t be the last.

So the person in charge of the UK government's environmental policy is a agri-business lobbyist. The new ConDem coalition already smells very much like the last one.

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