Friday, 25 June 2010

Unexpected and Unwelcome!

That's how a High Court Judge described Prince Charles's intervention to prevent the development of 600+ homes at the 12.5 acre site on which once stood Chelsea Barracks. Charles wrote to the Quatari Royal Family and implored them to pull out of a deal because he didn't like Lord Rogers's design for the development. It is a disgraceful state of affairs that an unelected Royal can wield this disproportionate amount of influence on planning applications and it would have served him right if the developers had sued the Prince for encouraging the Quatari Royals to pull out and thus breaching their contract.

The Judiciary have long been part of the British establishment and subservient to the monarchy and it's a pleasure to see senior members of the Judiciary having the courage to speak out against these establishment parasites...good on Mr Justice Vos.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think Charles Windsor is probably right on this occasion. Just because he's a member of the English royal family doesn't make him wrong every time.

Anonymous said...

The point is that he was wrong to abuse his position when the rest of us have to abide by the usual democratic process of decision making.