Monday, 26 July 2010

High street buses

Pressure is growing to change the way traffic uses Wrecsam's high street.

It's currently semi-pedestrianised and limited to buses, blue-badge holders' parking and loading at certain times. But there are regular abuses by other drivers and buses have stopped using the high street due to hold-ups caused by cars blocking the road through poor parking.

Plaid councillors have been lobbying for a change in the high street since bus companies withdrew services that were used by Caia and Whitegate residents to get to town. This had a drastic affect on the town's markets, who reported a dramatic drop in the number of visitors.

Now senior highways officers have acknowledged that changes need to be made.

Plaid councillors Marc Jones and Carrie Harper want to ensure that the high street improves in terms of accessibility for the public by working with all interested parties.

Cllr Marc Jones, of Whitegate ward, said:

"I've spoken twice to the owner of one of the bus companies that withdrew its services from the high street due to regular delays in the service caused by traffic congestion. He has confirmed that the bus company would return to the high street if there were changes to the parking arrangements to ensure smooth passage of buses.

"What we need now is a thorough consultation that involves the bus companies, traders and businesses in the high street area, blue-badge holders, bus users and everybody else who wants to see the heart of the our town thriving. Everyone needs to have an input so we get the best possible deal."

His colleague Carrie Harper, of Queensway ward, added:

"Many residents from our area lost out when the bus service stopped using the High Street. It's clear that traders and shops in the area also lost custom and we want to ensure that all options are on the table for the interests of all."

A meeting of all High street shopkeepers and traders will also be held in September to assess the need for change from their perspective.

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