Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Historic terrace wins temporary reprieve from demolition

posted by Plaid Ruabon

At last night’s planning committee meeting, Grenville Terrace, Ruabon, an impressive example of a stone Victorian terrace, with an older stone perimeter wall was temporarily saved from demolition. The committee unanimously voted to defer their decision to await further negotiations between the developer and the Planning Dept on the number of houses to be built on the site.

Councillor Barrie Price the adjoining ward member, in his submission to the committee asked them to consider carefully the conflict between his statements, and that of the Chief Planning Officer’s conclusion in the report, and why CADW have refused to list these dwellings.

Hopefully, the whole matter of why these properties were not originally included in the Ruabon Conservation Area Character Assessment and Management Plan will be looked into. At last week's Executive Board meeting Councillor Price successfully argued that the terrace with its long narrow front gardens, and the rear lane should be included in the Conservation Area.

However, this decision will trigger a new consultation process, which if successful would mean Conservation Area consent would be required for the demolition of these unlisted buildings, as they would be within the conservation area.

Unfortunately, as this process is likely to take up to six months, the Chief Planning Officer stated that the developer could demolish the terrace at any time before they are included into the Conservation Area. Maybe one reason the terrace was not included in the first place was that the report stated “the site lies outside and is presently well detached from the Ruabon Conservation Area”, whereas, being only a short distance from the railway station, which is in the Conversation Area, Grenville Terrace is relatively close by.

I am however grateful to the Chair of the Planning Committee, who expertly summed up the debate, by suggesting that perhaps a solution may be for the developer to liaise with the Planning Dept, for the erection of four new properties, the same number as currently occupy the site, and use as much of the stone from the demolition as possible in the new build.

I’m hopeful that when the committee reconvene after the summer break, this will be the outcome.

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Plaid Gwersyllt said...

That was an all round good result and all credit to Mike Morris for his help.