Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Mindless vandals smash bus shelter

This is the latest in a spate of irresponsible vandalism being caused in Ruabon and the surrounding area.

Councillor Barrie Price, seen here helping to clear up, said: "One of the bus shelters in my ward was targeted with a pellet gun, shattering two of the glass panels, leaving a dangerous hazard for those using the bus stop. This is mindless vandalism, which is costing £80 per panel to replace.

"Fortunately, the cost is offset by the weekly rental received from the advertisement company using the site. The glaziers are being kept fully occupied replacing the panels, but this situation cannot be allowed to continue. This latest incident has been reported to the police, and ongoing investigations are taking place."


Plaid Whitegate said...

Careful Barrie or they'll have you doing all the cleaning! :-)

Anonymous said...

Waste of time reporting it to the Police, they couldn't detect a hole in their arse!