Thursday, 15 July 2010

What is it about Labour and the interweb?

Is it fair to say that Labour in Wales and the internet don't get on?

We all remember the glorious success of the Aneurin Glyndwr website - named after two great Welsh heroes and hailed by Peter Hain no less as "as Obama moment for Wales".

It started badly with a musical attack on Plaid and went downhill.

At the time Plaid said:

"This is probably THE worst website ever produced by members of a mainstream political party. It is without doubt Labour's John Redwood moment.
"They have seriously lost the plot. Wales is in the middle of an economic crisis and their politicians are singing Delilah on Peter Hain's home-made Karaoke machine. Serious times call for serious politicians."

It lasted all of six months and has now been humanely put down.

Now we have the same Labour machine launching "A summer of conversation" - an attempt to engage the electorate in forming their policies for the next election. Apart from the one article by Carwyn Jones, the website has all the style of an unmade bed. The right-hand side of the blog has links that are all broken - it seems like a project the work experience lad had put together in his dinner break.

The swirly psychedelia reminds Vaughan Roderick of a hippy summer of love... but you have to wonder whether the creator inhaled before setting it up?


MH said...

Don't insult unmade beds. Tracey Emin probably put a lot of work into the design ... although obviously as a double agent secretly working for David Cameron.

Her old Labour friends hadn't realized she was now sleeping on the other side.

Royston Jones said...

The banner is pure '60s - believe me, I was there and I (vaguely) remember it.

As for the rest of it, it reminds me of those desperate pleas on BBC Wales and ITV local news; 'Don't forget to send us your stories (because we've got no journos to get our own)'.

So I suspect that what Carwyn is really saying is, 'For Chrissake gimme some ideas before next May!'

Plaid Queensway said...

You should warn people to have their sun glasses to hand before accessing that link.

Loved Aneurin Glyndwr, kept me amused for weeks. Nothing like learning from your mistakes eh........