Saturday, 21 August 2010

Local Councillor Turns up the Heat in Bid to Reduce Emissions

Local Councillor Arfon Jones is leading from the front in his own personal battle to reduce his carbon footprint by installing solar panels at his home in Gwersyllt.

He has had installed 16 photovoltaic (PV) panels on his roof which will produce 2222 KWh of electricity in 12 months and save 1262 Kgs of carbon. Arfon believes that this is one way to reduce his carbon footprint by producing clean, renewable energy and reduce his electricity bill by £300 a year.

Arfon, said:

"I believe that the work of a local councillor is not only to help people with their problems but also to set an example and be a community leader. Wrexham Council has committed to reducing its carbon emissions and energy use and I believe this should also be reflected in our communities."

"It's difficult to encourage residents to do the right thing if we're not doing it ourselves! I also believe that global warming is a real threat and that people need to take responsibility for their environment and to try to reduce their own carbon footprint and my contribution is to produce my own energy."

"I would encourage anyone who is concerned about their carbon emissions and protecting the environment to consider photovoltaic panels. They only took a day to install and the savings over the years will pay for the initial investment"

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