Monday, 30 August 2010

Picking Winners!

I beg to differ with Betsan Powys assessment on how important Wales is to Labour leadership candidates. Here in Wrecsam we have had visits from Ed Miliband and yesterday both Ed Balls and Andy Burnham turned up at Gwersyllt Resource Center to address the massed ranks of Wrecsam Constituency Labour party...all 40 of them!

Ed Miliband on his visit attracted a 100 plus to his meeting but that is hardly surprising when Miliband the Younger is backed by our popular and illustrious member of parliament, Ian Lucas who had spent considerable effort in drumming up support by writing to all 52 Councillors inviting them to the meeting.

So there we have it, Labour only have somewhere around 50 activists with sufficient interest to turn out to hear senior party members speak. I wonder how many of the 11 Labour Councillors turned up?

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