Monday, 30 August 2010

Plaid selects Assembly candidate for Wrexham

Jobs, education and safeguarding public services will be the priority of Plaid Cymru's candidate for the next Assembly election in Wrexham.

The party has chosen local councillor Marc Jones to challenge Labour for the Assembly seat in Wrexham.

The councillor for Whitegate said:
"Plaid Cymru has made steady progress in Wrexham over the past few years thanks to an influx of new members and our four county councillors. The next challenge is to ensure that the area has a strong voice in the National Assembly."

Councillor Jones is married with two children who attend schools in the town. He has worked as a journalist for the Leader as well as being a current affairs producer for BBC and ITV Wales before establishing himself as a freelance TV producer. He produced a hard-hitting documentary about disgraced Wrexham FC owner Alex Hamilton for the Week In, Week Out programme on BBC Wales.

Cllr Jones said:
"I'm delighted to have been chosen to fight Wrexham's corner on behalf of Plaid. This is a very important time for the town and surrounding area. Many people are losing their jobs and people are worried about their futures as the new coalition government in London attacks public services.

"People who work in the public sector or who use those services are likely to face the brunt of the cuts, despite the fact the economic crisis has been caused by a tiny minority of greedy bankers and a lack of regulation by successive UK governments.

"Punishing the many for the faults of the few isn't fair and I will take every opportunity to ensure that that message gets across in the coming months. We all need public services at different times in our lives - whether schools, hospitals, social services or refuse collection - and Wrexham is no exception.

"Plaid Cymru has moved on in the past few years. As well as being a radical campaigning party of the people, it is now also a party of government in Cardiff as well as making a real impact on the local council. Whether it's ensuring much-needed affordable housing, improving our schools or making sure we have enough allotments to meet demand, Plaid is delivering in Wrexham.

"Because of that, our vote is steadily increasing in the area. With the help of a fantastic campaign team, I hope to persuade enough people that we also need a Plaid Cymru AM to speak up for Wrexham and its people in Cardiff."

He added that there would three key themes to his election campaign - jobs, education and protecting frontline public services. Cllr Jones said:
"The Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition of cuts in London is going to slash public spending in Wales while bankers enjoy their multi-million pound bonuses. We need to challenge the Tory/Lib Dem case for cuts and also criticise Labour for squandering so much money over 13 years on schemes that have not delivered.

"For example, in the NHS Labour has presided over two disastrous reshuffles of health boards and locally we now see dozens of senior managers being paid more than £50,000 each when they have no jobs. That's a scandal when nurses in key frontline services at the Maelor are concerned about their futures."

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