Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Did Tory minister lie over S4C cuts?

Betsan Powys is far too polite and the BBC is far too careful to run with that kind of scurrilous headline - but that's the only logical conclusion of her blog posting about Tory culture minister Jeremy Hunt and S4C.
It's clear from the e-mails obtained under FOI by Plaid AM Rhodri Glyn Thomas that the £2m budget cut for S4C was not a voluntary agreement, as Hunt claimed in the House of Commons. This is not just a question of niceties. It had previously emerged that any cut in the S4C budget would be illegal and it appears that the S4C board is, this time, in a strong position.
Hunt is not - if he has deliberately misled Parliament he may join David Laws in a ConDem doghouse all of his own.

There is doubtless more to come of this saga - and it may finally explain why chief executive Iona Jones departed so swiftly and acrimoniously.

Maybe it's time someone made a drama out of this crisis...

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