Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Hart's Nine Lives!

I can't believe that Edwina Hart has survived Kirsty Williams's exposure of her 'allegedly' misleading the Assembly. She must have a bloody charmed life, problems within the Wales NHS are being exposed daily but we seem incapable of exploiting them so as to force a ministerial resignation. Surely she cannot possibly survive anymore bad news stories about the NHS.


Shambo said...

Strangely confontational sentiments about wanting to "force a ministerial resignation" from the party in coalition with Labour at Cardiff Bay. Bet the Lib Dems in Wrexham will love this.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

I have been on the NHS's case for a long time, I make no apologies for challenging waste and ensuring that taxpayers money is used wisely. This should be the responsibility of all politicians irrespective of parties, except of course Edwina who doesn't seem to give a f.... Whether she is wasting money or not. Sorry don't see the significance of Wrecsam Lib Dems anymore than Wrecsam Tories, were in a coalition with them so get used to it.