Saturday, 11 September 2010

Labour's shortlist for Clwyd South revealed

Word reaches us from within Labour ranks of Clwyd South of a great unease about their next Assembly candidate. Perhaps the most revealing thing about the shortlist of Labour candidates we've received for the once-safe seat of Clwyd South is the lack of a credible local candidate.
Conspicuous by their absence are Stella Matthews, Alwyn Humphreys and the much-missed Nick Colborne (who made such an impression in the Montgomery general election campaign).
Which leaves us with a shortlist of eight that is dominated by one former Assembly minister, Alun Pugh, with no connection with the seat. He was AM for Clwyd West until he lost that in 2007 and has since worked for the Snowdonia Society and stood as Labour's Arfon candidate earlier this year.
Challenging him are a ragbag of county and community councillors from neighbouring areas - three from Flintshire, one from Rhyl - and a PR consultant from Cardiff. Then there are the wild cards.
They don't come much wilder than David Taylor - the "brains" behind the Aneurin Glyndwr blog. Once Leighton Andrews's controversial researcher, he then became a special adviser to Peter Hain. Was last seen heading off to help the Australian Labor Party with their election campaign. Despite this, Julia Gillard won.
Another name that raised a smile was that of David Foulds - a former Labour county councillor in Rhyl and ex-Denbigh night club owner. Like many Labour councillors, he was involved in the Wrenewal used furniture charity and took the aforementioned Stella Matthews to industrial tribunal after she gave him a bad reference.

The list in full:

1. Bruce Woodfine-Jones - community councillor from Cefnybedd
2. David Taylor - originally from Cerrigydrudion
3. Aaron Shotton - Deeside-based County Councillor
4. Cheryl Williams - Rhyl-based County Councillor
5. Ken Skates - Ex-Leader journalist, Pantymwyn community councillor and researcher for David Hanson MP
6. David Foulds - ex-Denbigh night club owner
7. Alun Pugh - Ex-Labour AM and minister.
8. Simon Evans - consultant with RCL consulting, based in Cardiff.

With no personal vote for the Labour candidate, the race for Clwyd South looks wide open between Labour, Tory and Plaid.

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