Thursday, 2 September 2010

A level playing field?

Two stories in the press in the last week have raised questions whether the North Wales Police and the Crown Prosecution Service make prosecution decisions based on similar criteria.

First of all take the strange case of Gwion Jones who wrote derogatory offensive comments about the English on his Facebook wall and was prosecuted following a complaint by his ex employer who is English.

The second case concerns the furore on Facebook regarding the fact that the Wrecsam Muslim Association have purchased the Miners Institute in Grosvenor Road with the intention of using it as a mosque.

Those of you of a sensitive disposition may wish to avoid the Facebook pages for fear of being offended by some of the vitriolic anti Islamic comments so I have copied some of the comments and readers can judge for themselves whether they are as bad or worse than what Gwion Jones said:
I know this sounds Racists but its not..Show them the contempt they showed our people...go bomb the building and show them they cant have everything they want without repercussions.

yes but sometimes sacrifices have to be made..up here in Scotland not far from where I live there was an old heitage brewery similar situation to this an underhand deal with the council the muzzies ended up with it as a mosque..Now ...people up here didnt like that so it Mysteriously got burned down late one dark one knows how it but the mosque is no more and has since moved into central glasgow....ok we lost an old building but we still have the memories etc of it..but we dont have the stinky muzzies wailing at 5 am in the morning

Now the chances are that you will agree with me that these comments are probably prosecutable but when I asked a senior Police Officer whether they would prosecute I was reminded of the 'fine line between committing a crime and freedom of speech'.I wonder if that same Police Force applied the same standard to what Gwion Jones said or is it one rule for anti English comments and another one for anti Islamic comments.


La Pasionaria said...

Here's another comment

We must bring back the Crusade and crush these Muslims and drive them out of existence, they only understand the fist so lets speak their language, I say it's a must. I am tired of their nonsense and forcing their way in everything.

El said...

Don't forget the picture of the sniper rifle with the title "Here's the answer. Gotta love it." and the comment "Nope, built in Muzzie detector, lol. You can certainly reach out and touch someone with this baby. It's a Beowulf .50 cal sniper rifle"

This (and the other comments mentioned) on a group with members claiming that "all muzrats are extremists"

I think my irony meter just exploded.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

This is a request sent to NWP today:

Dear Sir/Madam,

On the 3rd March 2010, the Daily Post reported that the Police were investigating, ‘a sick anti-Muslim website set up on Facebook to stir up tensions over fake claims a ‘super-mosque’ was being built in Wrexham.’

As a result of this investigation how many people were arrested an what for? How many were prosecuted or cautioned?