Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes!!

I didn't read the Times in detail today, I try not to put money in Murdoch's pockets but I did have a quick flick of a discarded copy this afternoon whilst having my large caffeine fix at Cafe Nero. (Can't even give you a link as I refuse to subscribe to Times Online on principle.) Did I read right that Ed the Red said that "New Labour" had made mistakes on...Iraq!...City of London!...and Immigration!...and they try to claim the last 13 years of a Labour government had been a success? If the last 13 years was a success I dread to think what a catastrophe is, but the people of Iraq can probably tell us!

Red Ed also admits Labour made mistake with ID cards and 90 detention...christ, he's a closet Liberal Democrat now!

I wonder what he'll be tomorrow?

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Welsh Ramblings said...

If Ed Miliband really believes the Iraq war was wrong then I cannot see how he can view the 13 years as a success overall, because Iraq was simply a huge decision, costing huge amounts of lives and money. If they called that one wrong (we know they did, but if Ed also believes that), then there is nothing within that term that can possibly make up for incorrectly invading another nation. It is Hague-level stuff, surely.