Sunday, 12 September 2010

NHS Wales Support Services.

I am indebted to jaxxlanders for drawing my attention to an NHS Wales organisation called the NLIAH who they describe in a comment on Valleys Mam blog on the NHS as:
We have previously flagged up the non-role of the National Leadership & Innovation Agency for Healthcare (NLIAH) which spends £10.4 million on “developing and providing programmes and support to the NHS in Wales, together with NLIAH’s staff and running costs”. It frankly does nothing except provide a haven for incompetent managers who have been kicked upstairs.

I then decided to have a look at the extent of NHS Support Services and I was frankly shocked at the extent of the services required to support the seven multi billion pound local health boards:

National Programmes and Services.


* Cancer Genetics Service for Wales
* Cancer Services Co-ordinating Group
* National Collaborating Centre for Cancer (NCC-C)
* North Wales Cancer Network
* South East Wales Cancer Network
* Velindre Cancer Centre
* Velindre Medical Physics


* Business Services Centre
* Community Pharmacy Contract
* GMS Contract
* Oxygen Contract


* Cardiac Networks of Wales
* Mid & South West Wales Cardiac Network
* North Wales Cardiac Network
* South East Wales Cardiac Network

Information and Technology

* Freedom of Information
* Health Solutions Wales
* Informing Healthcare
* Wales Accord on the Sharing of Personal Information
* Welsh Minimum Systems Specification

Medical or Clinical Related

* All Wales Clinical Pathway for Normal Labour
* All Wales Medical Genetics Service
* Artificial Limb and Appliance Service
* Children & Young People's Specialised Services
* Clinical Engineering Device Assessment and Reporting
* Mid and West Wales Critical Care Network
* NHS Direct Wales
* North Wales Critical Care Network
* Practice Nurse Information and Support Network
* South East Wales Critical Care Network
* TWOGS - Trainees in Wales Obstetric and Gynaecology Society
* Welsh Blood Service


* All Wales Medicines Strategy Group
* Community Pharmacy Wales
* Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency
* Nurse Prescribing Support Network
* Prescribing Services
* Therapeutics and Toxicology Centre
* Welsh Medicines Partnership - Yellow Card Centre
* Welsh Medicines Resource Centre (WeMeReC)

Mental Health

* All Wales Mental Health Promotion Network
* Mental Health Act Commission
* Wales Mental Health in Primary Care

Other Services

* All Wales Antenatal Routine Enquiry Into Domestic Abuse Care
* Capital and PFI Audit Services
* Doing Well, Doing Better - Standards For Health Services in Wales
* Expert Patients Programme Wales
* Eye Care Wales
* Healthcare Excellence
* Healthcare Inspectorate Wales (HIW)
* National Patient Safety Agency
* National Service Frameworks
* North Wales Neurosciences Review


* Health Informatics Professional Development Programme (HI-ProfILE)

Public Health

* Global Health
* Health Challenge Wales
* Health Protection Agency (HPA)
* Public Health Wales Health Protection Division
* Stop Smoking Wales
* Welsh Health Impact Assessment Support Unit (WHIASU)
* Welsh Healthcare Associated Infection Programme (WHAIP)


* Antenatal Screening Wales
* Bowel Screening Wales
* Breast Test Wales
* Cervical Screening Wales
* New Born Hearing Screening Wales
* Welsh Cytology Training School

Statistics and Research

* Congenital Anomaly Register and Information Service (CARIS)
* CRC-Cymru (Clinical Research Collaboration)
* Health Solutions Wales Information and Statistics
* Wales Cancer Trials Network
* Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit

Supporting Organisations

* Delivery & Support Unit
* National Leadership & Innovation Agency For Healthcare
* NHS Centre for Equality and Human Rights
* NHS Counter Fraud Service (Wales)
* NHS Welsh Language Unit
* Welsh Health Estates
* Welsh Health Legal Services
* Welsh Health Specialised Services (WHSSC)
* Welsh Health Supplies
* Welsh Risk Pool

Now it may be that many of the above organisations provide a much needed and worthwhile service to hospitals, especially the cancer and screening services but they still need to be accountable to ensure they continue to provide value for money. How do we know that they provide value for money, who audits them or are some of the more dubious 'supporting services' just a depository for surplus staff that Edwina is protecting?

There is one organisation that intrigues me as Lead Member for Children and Young People where my responsibility includes children's social care as well as Child health and disability and that is the Children & Young People's Specialised Services. Despite attending Wrecsam's Children and Young People Framework Partnership with THREE senior officers from the Local Health Board who purport to look after children's interest I have NEVER heard of this organisation, but I intend to find out more!

The next step is to make a Freedom of Information request to ascertain the budget of these individual organisations and the numbers they employ. I will also be writing to the Welsh Audit Office to ascertain how many of these 'supporting organisations' have been audited and whether there is scope in rationalising and reducing them. As we always suspected the NHS in Wales is a bureucracy gone mad!

Let battle commence...and watch this space!

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