Friday, 24 September 2010

Welsh...a second class language!!

Here is more evidence of how Welsh is ignored and treated as a second class language:

An ex work colleague Sergeant Iwan Owen is a Welsh speaker and a Custody Sergeant at Caernarfon Police Station when he was honoured by an inspection team of HM Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC)who had come to observe the booking in of prisoners. This is what Iwan had to say on his Facebook page:
I am very pleased with myself , HMIC have been in custody for three days waiting to see someone being booked in , the inspection team from the 'smoke' got all excited when I announced that a prisoner would be coming in very shortly and they could observe and listen to the process............not so excited when I went through the whole process in Welsh ...what a great day I've had

What sort of organisation but the Home Office would send monolingual inspectors from London to inspect Policing in somewhere like Caernarfon? Another good reason to devolve Policing!


Shambo said...

I'd like to see you try and win votes on a platform of devolving justice powers to WAG so that crooks can be charged in Welsh.

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

They can get charged in Welsh now...doh!