Thursday, 9 September 2010

Workless Households in Wales.

The Office for National Statistics have today published their ,'Work and worklessness amongst households 2010,' statistical report which paints a picture of a worsening situation in Wales with nearly 23% of all households being workless this is up from 20.7% in the same quarter of 2009. In actual figures this relates to 178,000 households in 2009 and 226,000 in 2010. Unusually for any measure of prosperity Wales is not on this occasion the bottom of the pile. In 2009 Inner London, the North East and the North of Ireland had a higher proportion of workless households. By 2010, the North of Ireland had overtaken Wales and Inner London was the same as Wales, only the North East was worse than Wales. So whilst all regions have seen an increase in workless households the situation seems to deteriorate more rapidly in Wales and the North East.

One can only guess at the state of play this time next year following the comprehensive spending review and massive reductions in public spending.

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