Sunday, 17 October 2010

Bobbies before Boundaries.

Alex Salmond indicates in his key-note speech to SNP Conference in Perth that he will amalgamate the eight Scottish Police forces before he will cut back on front line Policing. Of the eight forces, the largest Strathclyde Police are responsible for half the population of Scotland. One cannot argue against his rationale we shouldn't be retaining bureaucracies whilst abandoning front line services. Alex Salmond and the SNP have already showed his committment to protecting the people of Scotland by increasing by putting an extra 1000 Police Officers on the street with a 32% drop in recorded crime and crime detection and public confidence in the Police at an all time high.

Unfortunately in England and Wales the Policing Minister Nick Herbert is going the other way by creating a bureaucratic and expensive structure of elected Police Commissioners to manage the 42 Police Forces in England and Wales.

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