Saturday, 16 October 2010

English Deluded League back in town

A rag bag of 30 EDL boneheads invaded Wrecsam town centre today - once again repeating the mistakes of the last visit by chanting football songs and waving the St George's flag. This time they went one better and carried a flag of St Andrews. Doh!
There were more police than boneheads, some of whom had been drafted in from as far away as Rhyl for the day.
The "march" lasted for about 100 yards before being stopped at Queen Sq.

UPDATE: This from a Plaid member who was present in town today:

The English Defence League was back in Wrecsam today. Maybe that should be the English Deluded League since they were obviously geographically challenged staging their impromptu march in the largest town in north Wales. Especially so since they were assuring themselves they had St George in their hearts whilst brandishing the Saltire on the streets of Wales! This alcopop swigging group of barely two dozen stationed themselves outside the council offices surrounded by a greater number of police officers and their dog- drafted in from Y Rhyl to babysit a group that attracted no attention at all.

I had an enjoyable day manning a stall in Queens’ Square to celebrate the town’s twinning with the German town of Märkischer Kreis and the Polish town of Racibórz that attracted a wealth of attention to celebrate Wrecsam’s, Wales’ and Europe’s true values of community and international harmony. It was reassuring to see the assembled crowd, which far outnumbered the later arriving EDL mob, enjoying the performance of Theatr yr Ifanc on the street.

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