Saturday, 2 October 2010

Kenneth Skates parachuted into South Clwyd

Ken who? yes that's right, Ken Skates, Ex journalist, Patymwyn Community Councillor and 'bag carrier' for Mark Tami MP has been selected to fight South Clwyd for Labour in what should be...on paper at least a safe Labour seat. Mr Skates, 35 years of age has previously headed the North Wales Labour Regional in the 2007 Assembly elections.

He seems to have had a particularly low profile; with the only interesting contribution I could find was this blog by Skates in the New Statesman before the 2007 election where he predicted Labour losses in North Wales, but the one Labour loss, that of Alun Pugh in Clwyd West was not enough to parachute Skates into the Assembly as top of the list.

Incidentally Pugh was also a candidate for the South Clwyd nomination; it begs the question how the 251 Labour members in South Clwyd could have selected the inexperienced Skates over Pugh who had Assembly ministerial experience?

Unless of course the unions had a vote!

Note - There is also this tongue in cheek blog by Betsan Powys where Honest Ken wasn't flavour of the month with the Welsh Labour Party hierarchy.

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