Friday, 29 October 2010

Tory Traditionalist's gets all emotional.

I love it when an establishment Tory like Iain Dale get's all upset and emotional about the loss of tradition in the 'mother of parliament.'

Yes Iain is offended because firstly, the Youth Parliament is meeting in the chamber of the House today, secondly a youth member of Sinn Fein, Connor Morgan, will be attending, and thirdly Connor Morgan will have the audacity to address the Youth Parliament in Gaelic (shock, horror!!)

These are the interesting bits from Dale's blog which shows the contempt in which he holds the devolved nations and their languages and their rights to equal status:
As some of you may already know, the United Kingdom Youth Parliament is debating in the House of Commons Chamber today. The fact it is allowed to sit in the chamber at all is looked upon by traditionalists with some disdain. What I am about to say with fill them not just with disdain, but horror.

I am told that a young Sinn Fein member of the UK Youth Parliament named Connor Morgan will be speaking in the House of Commons chamber today. Yes, you read that right. A Sinn Fein member speaking in a UK Parliament.There are two ways of looking at this... Or alternatively it will make you sick to your stomach that someone who presumably agrees with the views of Messers McGuinness and Adams and would refuse to swear the oath of allegiance to Her Majesty the Queen is allowed to set foot in the place.

But this story has two twists. Connor Morgan told my assistant, Grant Tucker, yesterday that he would be making a speech during the proceedings today and he would be doing it while speaking Irish Gaelic*. Not only that, but according to Morgan, Mr Speaker Bercow had readily given his permission to do that. If that is true (and I emphasise, IF), it's incredible and will undoubtedly have consequences.

Iain goes on to describe a comment of Connor Morgan on his Facebook page about George Osborne as a 'charming turn of phrase' when he called him a 'cunt'. Iain Dale must have forgotton what his 'personal assistant' and chief 'dirt digger' Grant Tucker said on HIS Facebook page which got him sacked as chair of Welsh Conservative Future. Yes, he wrote that he wished George Galloway was dead. Pot, Kettle, Black, Mr Dale...yes indeed!


Un o Eryri said...

I wouldn't be surprised if most m.p.s agree with Iain Dale's comments. The British tradition is foremost in the minds of most m.p.s of the British political parties. To hell with Human rights and fair play.

menaiblog said...

I wonder why Mr Dale refers to Irish as Gaelic?

MH said...

Iain Dale says:

"I have tried to write up this story in an unemotional manner."

If he thinks that, what would have come out in the emotional version? The mind boggles.

O'Neill said...

I suspect this comment won't get posted but what the heck, at least one person will get to read it and ponder the underlying topic as opposed to the peripheries of the language question.

I'm a UK Unionist and someone, unlike both you and Dale, who actually comes from Northern Ireland. I also, however, think that his argument is a weak one.

My opinion is that I'd far rather have SF reps inside Westminster spouting their ridiculous propaganda as opposed to shooting my neighbours and family in the back. But what you have decided to completely ignore is the fact that Connor Morgan represents an organisation that not only admits, but is actually proud of the fact that it murdered members of the chamber where he gave his speech today.

That fact alone legitimises Dale's decision to post what he did.

Radical Wales said...

Anything which upsets Iain Dale should be supported. Hopefully young Morgan will use to opportunity to celebrate the coming death of Thatcher, and regret that she didn't make an earlier exit in Brighton!