Monday, 11 October 2010

Will Clegg apologise for misleading students?

This clip suggests Nick Clegg's Lib Dums gave up an awful lot of their principles to climb into bed with the Tories.

All those Lib Dem student votes in Cardiff Central, Ceredigion, Swansea West, Newport... gone!


Anonymous said...

Twt twt Plaid Whitgate!

All those Lib Dem student votes in Cardiff Central, Ceredigion, Swansea West, Newport and Glyndŵr Wrecsam... gone!

Is what you meant to say surely!

Grimond's Eye said...

Hang on one minute Marc.

Let's just set history straight here:

1) Only a few months ago, Jocelyn Davies and Ieuan Wyn Jones were in London to negotiate with senior representatives of my party, about the prospect forming a coalition in London. You didn't sound off about Nick Clegg then!

2) In 2007, Plaid (which I don't think you had actually joined then. You were kind of 'inbetween' parties on your political 'journey' at that stage) were in an advanced stage of negotiation with us and the Tories about forming a Rainbow Coalition in Cardiff.

3) In 2008 (just after you joined Plaid) you quite rightly, wasted no time in jumping into bed with us on the Council to keep Labour out. You are the Plaid Group Leader and as far I can see, you have worked successfully, side-by-side with Aled Roberts ever since, without any qualms.

4) You were probably the original ConDem. Remember, you were John Marek's sidekick in Forward Wales -someone who has now joined the Tories. Now, here you are in bed with Tories and us running Wrexham Council. So how can you now criticise us for being in coalition in London?

This is the fact of the situation -not the spin. To somehow want now to attack Nick Clegg and ridicule what we are doing to put the country straight, doesn't hold any water at all from your perspective.

Accept the fact Marc - historically and currently there is more that unites our parties than divides us!

Plaid Whitegate said...

This is known as deflection - how about answering the central charge that the Fib Dems have gone back on some of their core principles (and arguments prior to the election) in return for being the junior partners with the Tories.

"Putting the country straight"? Hacking away at public services in Wales won't put the country straight - it will devastate communities.

The yellow Tories now in power in London are heading for oblivion, which may explain some of the desperate claims being made here.

Ian Johnson said...

The principle isn't coalition, it's selling out your principles in a coalition.

As part of joining a coalition in Cardiff, Plaid ensured a referendum on a major plank of party policy - the transfer of direct responsibility over 20 areas of expertise to the National Assembly.

That's what our voters would expect from us as part of any deal.

The Lib Dems on the other hand joined a coalition in London and then pretended that much of their manifesto (tuition fees, Trident, fair voting STV etc.) hadn't existed - which is not what their voters expected from them.