Saturday, 16 October 2010

Wrecsam anti-cuts vigil, 20th October

Campaigners opposed to cuts in public services are preparing to take to the streets in response to the announcement on Wednesday of the Tory/Lib Dem government's Comprehensive Spending Review which will announce swinging cuts in the public sector

North Wales Against Cuts, a grassroots group of trade unionists and community campaigners, has called for a one-hour vigil beside the Miners' statue in Lord Street, Wrexham, starting at 4.30pm on Wednesday (20 October).

One of the NWAC organisers is Steve Ryan, of the PCS civil service union. He said:
"The announcement of the closure of Newport passport office with the loss of 300 jobs shows what can be expected, especially in Wales which seems to be bearing the brunt of the cuts.

"North Wales Against Cuts does not believe the working class should pay for the arrogance and mismanagement of the bankers and bosses, there are alternatives such as putting resources into the public sector to collect the billions of tax owed, create green jobs, scrap Trident and end the pointless war in Afghanistan."

NWAC organiser Eileen O'Reilly added:
"Anyone who is worried about the effect of cuts in the public sector - whether it's tax workers, council contractors or families opposed to the threatened closure of the Special Care Baby Unit in Wrexham - they're all welcome to join us in the town centre this coming Wednesday. Unity is strength and we must all support each other's campaigns."

As well as the vigil at 4.30pm on the 20th immediately after the government announcement , there will be a march and rally on Saturday 23rd starting 1pm Queen Square, Wrexham, followed by a rally at the Railway Club in the town centre.

Steve Ryan added: "North Wales Against Cuts urges everyone to join in and protect jobs and services."

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