Thursday, 18 November 2010

Kick in the teeth for Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin's power and influence is waning even in her home state of Alaska where she failed to unseat the incumbent Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski. Ms Palin had endsorsed Joe Miller a Tea Party favourite to unseat Murkowski in the Republican primary election in August this year; Miller won the Republican nomination.

But fair does to Lisa Murkowski she wasn't one to give up and campaigned for Alaskan electors to 'write in' her name on the ballot papers in the November 2nd polling. Following weeks of counting write in votes and legal challenges (the spelling of Murkowski's name was subject of challenge) Murkowski regained her old Senate seat and she is the first candidate to be elected on 'write in' votes since Strom Thurmond won South Carolina in 1954.

I'm sure that the victory was particularly sweet for her after Palin had defeated Frank Murkowski (Lisa's father) for the Alaskan Governorship in 2006.

We can only wait to see whether Murkowski's experience with the Tea Party has pushed her from being a moderate Republican to the more extreme edges of the GOP!

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