Thursday, 11 November 2010

A letter from my MP

I rarely get letters from my MP but one arrived today.

It asks me to oppose the proposed cut in the number of Welsh MPs from 40 to 30 under plans by the ConDem government. Unfortunately for Ian Lucas, a confirmed Unionist, he cannot have it both ways. The Tories want to create standardised sizes for constituencies across the UK and a Unionist should support such a move.

Mr Lucas opposes the move because he says it will reduce the "influence of Welsh MPs in Parliament".

Given the behaviour of many Welsh MPs in recent years, in holding up key Assembly legislation and having no influence at all on regressive government policies (e.g. war, ID cards, PFI, Trident, attacks on benefits and public services) I think we could do with a reduction in their influence.

Each MP is more expensive than an AM, despite AMs having responsibility for key constituency issues such as health, education, local authority and social care. Whether it's 40 or 30, the majority are whipped meekly into line by their London masters.

The only real voice of Wales is coming from the likes of Plaid MP Jonathan Edwards - who has tirelessly raised the issue of great housing housing benefit rip-off. Wrecsam loses £11.3m a year under this scheme and yet its own MP did nothing while in government and still does nothing in opposition.

While decisions about Wales are being made in London, we need MPs there. But, in the long run, all decisions about Wales should be made in Wales and we can do away with the additional expense of Welsh MPs.

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