Sunday, 14 November 2010

More on Peter Black's hypocrisy

Going by his blog this morning poor old Peter is getting really wound up by the National Union of Students and their threat to 'decapitate' leading Liberal MP's in constituencies with high student numbers. He goes on to try and justify the Liberal Democrat position on higher tuition fees by the need to compromise when in coalition government, he says:
Of course this is not what was in our manifesto. We put forward a six year programme that would have phased out fees altogether...The fact is that in a hung parliament scenario we need the agreement of other parties to get anything through.

This is one of Peter's longer blogs but I won't bore you with the rest; it just goes on an on in an attempt to blow everybody out of the water other than the 'honest' Lib Dems.

Whilst he justifies the Lib Dem position on tuition fees and the so called 'concessions', he is not quite so generous to other parties who find themselves in a difficult position over manifesto promises and coalition compromises. This is what Peter had to say on the 23rd February 2009 about Plaid Cymru's change of policy on top up fees:
And a broken promise as well. Plaid Cymru Ministers are set to allow Labour to introduce top-up fees in Wales despite the opposition of their own party.

Are there any principles they will not sell-out on to stay in government?

Update: More on this from Freedom Central here.

and again on the 25th February 2009:
A Welsh Noted translation of a Politics Cymru post reveals that Plaid Cymru Assembly Members are becoming more committed to the introduction of top-up fees for Welsh students despite their manifesto promises to the contrary. All is not sweetness and light within their group however:

In a press conference yesterday Elin Jones confirmed that she and her fellow Plaid ministers at the Assembly are planning to back the Government's plans to introduce top-up fees. This is in spite of the fact that the party voted against such a move in Aberystwyth on Saturday.

We also found out that two Plaid Assembly Members had asked to be excused from any future votes.........Elin Jones said that "the majority" of the Assembly group were supportive of the idea.

This has the potential to be very embarrassing for the party.

Terrible things blogs! they just come back to haunt you!

Oh and as a matter of interest I wish Welsh NUS students all the very best in their decapitation strategy, especially in Swansea, Carmarthen and Aberystwyth...need any help, give me a call!


Paul Lloyd said...

Perhaps he's worried about the NUS targetting Welsh Assembly Members in next year's elections. That would be really interesting, watching them squirm!

Plaid Gwersyllt said...

...he sure is, there's a lot of students in South West Wales...that would be really funny.

Anonymous said...

Enough students in Cardiff Central to sway that one too.

Anonymous said...

The NUS is little more than the student wing of the Labour party, thats why until May 2010 they were in favour of tuition fees (apart from some deliberately ineffective protests against to keep up appearences).

Any student who wanted any meaningful protest against fees since their creation was marginalised and regarded as an 'unrealistic' extremist.

If Labour had won in May and were implementing the same plans then NUS would have remained quiet.

The current NUS campaign is all about promoting the partisan advantage of the Labour Party and 'earning' safe seats for the NUS leadership once they graduate. Just look at how many NUS Presidents have moved on to lucrative positions in the Labour movement.

The NUS campaign has got absolutely nothing to do with advancing the intersts of students. Quite frankly the NUS makes the Lib Dem party look almost principled!

I can't imagine why a self styled Plaid blog is going along with this - regardless of the merits of your party you would get exactly the same treatment if it suited Labour's interests.