Saturday, 13 November 2010

Peter Black: not waving but drowning

You can always rely on Peter Black when his party is in crisis. He'll write an article slagging off Plaid.

So as the Fib Dems try to explain away their u-turn on tuition fees (apparently pre-planned it now emerges) and the ConDems' stunning decision to allow McDonalds and Pepsi to decide on health policy, Black clings to any straw in the wind.

Expect the Blackometer to continue in hysterical mode for the next six months as the Fib Dems continue to plummet in the polls. Maybe Black is worried about his own position atop the list in South Wales West.

1 comment:

Negrin said...

Peter Black is a sad f****r posting at half six on a Saturday morning!
I reckon he has an orgasm every time he writes about Plaid Cymru the joy seems to overwhelm him.